4th of July – Thanks

I wanted to take a brief pause and recognize the students at Hayfield. They rallied strong for their principal through the candlelight vigil, their fundraisers and sharing their amazing stories through this blog and on the FB page “Hayfield Loves Mr. Tremaine”.

I’d like to highlight two students in particular. Bonnie has raised $1500 by selling Tremaine Strong magnets and bracelets. She is planning to use the money to establish a scholarship fund. I believe that Bonnie will graduate from Hayfield next spring. What an amazing young woman!  Click here to sign the petition!  http://www.change.org/petitions/fairfax-county-school-board-honor-dave-tremaine-s-memory?tk=N9rX0ggLARjuYJs8It9z-S73Ot1ZC7oZ3oQLuDaf0Uc&utm_source=petition_update&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition_update_email

I’d also like to mention Diana. She has managed to get 500 signatures for her petition to change the name of Hayfield Secondary School to Hayfield Tremaine Secondary School. I admire her persistence and dedication and know that these characteristics are going to serve her well in her future. Diana was featured on our local CBS station.


Happy 4th of July, all! We are at the lake with lots and lots of family. Missing Dave but celebrating being together.


6 thoughts on “4th of July – Thanks

  1. Dear Robyn,
    Soooo happy you and the kids are with family for the Fourth!!! Enjoy the love and compassion surrounding you!!!

  2. Missing you lots…just returned from the beach…am awaiting a reunion lunch at our favorite place when you are back. One day at a time…Love, Liz xoxoxo

  3. Hi Robyn, I’ve been thinking of you lots and wondering how you were. Sorry I haven’t been here (nearly our end of term and things are pretty manic, to say the least!). Are you still at the beach? I’m sure you are feeling pretty raw right now, but I hope you are also having some good times with your kids. Happy belated 4th! (Pesky Brits!)

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