5 Little Things I Wish I Could Tell You

1. It was a Federer/Djokovic Wimbledon final this year. You would have been disappointed that Rafa went out in the fourth round, but I know you would have been happy with Novak’s win. I always have to root for my boy, Roger, though.

2. Matt fixed the dishwasher while he was here. Remember that stupid plastic piece that for months we thought was broken? Turns out it snaps back into place – good as new. I also found and showed him the last text you wrote that Sunday morning. You forgot to press send, but he got your message.

3. Stacy and the gang sent you the coolest t-shirt quilt. You would have loved it. Lots of Hayfield orange and perfect for snuggling up under while watching one of our shows.


4. For Father’s Day, I wanted to surprise you so I got you those Clean Special Fuel license plates, and Jeff put them on the car for me. I wish you could have seen them. I know how excited you were to be driving a hybrid especially the “snot bubble”.

5. I miss you so so much. When I miss hearing your voice, I listen to one of your last voicemail messages just so I can hear you say that you love me and can’t wait to see me. But, I promise, we are doing okay.

I love you,


7 thoughts on “5 Little Things I Wish I Could Tell You

  1. Dear Robyn,
    This was BEAUTIFUL……Thank you for sharing this post….We think about and pray for you and the kids every single day. My mother-in-law passed unexpectedly so we are experiencing some of your devastating sadness right now….Please Please keep posting….Love, Lisa

  2. Dave knows…you probably don’t even have to say it or write it…he knows…but I know it’s not the same. We’re here for you…xo
    P.S. Love the pic of Dave, Parker and Grant on the tube…never saw him with so much hair!!!

  3. Hi Mrs. Tremaine,
    I wanted to pass along an endorsement I just received from our representative Sen George Barker. He is enthusiastically supporting Diana ‘a petition and will sign it ! I know he was one of several sponsors of a Va. State resolution recognizing Mr.
    Tremaine for the enormous impact he has had as an educator and in the fairfax county community. I am so pleased that both Sen.Barker & Rep. Mark Sickles are following this issue closely.
    There will always be naysayers, but we are moving forward with the positive energy that was emblematic of Mr. T.
    I can’t imagine even one single day at Hayfield without him..
    Thinking of you,
    Diana and Leslie

  4. My dear Robyn, I always knew you were an amazing person but the fortitude with which you have shown throughout this time is beyond words. How smart of you to write the blog. It seems it must accomplish many things including helping you deal and also sharing with others so you don’t have to say the same things over and over. Although it is incredibly sad, you have written a beautiful story filled with the love and support you have received as well as given. I am so proud of you and so happy I can call you my friend.

    Love you!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. A hawk was returned to the wild after 2 mo. rehabilitation (W.Post today) . “They’re part of our Va. history …”

  6. I can only imagine how painful it is to be without one’s soulmate – these make me so sad, and number 5 makes me weep, and I know I would do the same thing in your position. But it’s those little things, like the dishwasher part, that show how connected you are and mean nothing to anyone else but the two of you, that must feel really hard right now. *Hugs* and love to you, my dear friend. xxx

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