Since I am on a yearly contract with FCPS, there is a certain amount of hoop jumping required each summer in order for me to be rehired. This usually involves benefits information like health and life insurance and also payroll. For the first time, in its efficiency, FCPS cut off my email as of June 30th. Since this has not happened to me before, I wasn’t prepared. I have emails saved that have to do with Dave’s benefits and retirement as well as contact information for people who have been helping us navigate these unknown waters. So, if you have emailed me through my fcps.edu account and you haven’t heard from me, now you know why. I am working on getting access back.

FCPS now has a new online new hire program that walks you through your benefits sign up. The health insurance was very straightforward – same insurance, list family members, upload their birth certificates (hopefully for the last time). It was when I got to the retirement and life insurance that I took pause. Twice. The first time was when there was a list of marital statuses – single, married, divorced, widowed. Ugh. I still feel married, but I guess I no longer am. The second time was when I had to list my beneficiaries. This was always Dave. These are the little stumbling blocks that trip me up. Unexpected and unprepared.

A bit of positive news is that after being on the phone for an hour plus (most of that time spent on hold), I do not have to go into the social security office in person. That is a celebration for sure!

Yesterday, I got a bunch of paperwork stuff done, took Parker to the library, hit the grocery, researched venues for Dave’s big party, mowed our tiny lawn and cleaned the deck. Keeping busy seems to be helping stave off too much time to think. One day at a time.



4 thoughts on “Widowed

  1. Robyn – Thank God you don’t have to go within 2 feet of that social security office. After your last experience I would of sent the devil himself in there instead. Those people are nasty! Sounds like you are kept busy with just the daily stuff for now. I’m sure you will have those moments but try to remember only the good stuff for now. It’s all still so fresh though. Always in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hi! I was one of Dave’s colleagues in Cluster 4… If you need help getting your email back NOW I bet we could probably get that done for you. Let me know and I will make the appropriate calls. And hang in there… God loves ya!

  3. I know of you and your wonderful husband through Laura’s blog. I want to let you know that I’m thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. I am inspired by your honest and sweet telling of this part of your life. It gives me hope that when the time comes, that my hubby and I, too will be able to do what’s needed……to honor the other and keep on living.

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