So Excited…

I have booked this very cool venue for Dave’s big party.  It is in Old Town Alexandria.


Probably 3-4 times a year, we load up the family and head to Old Town for the day.  Our first stop usually involves Ben and Jerry’s.  Then we wander over to the Torpedo Factory to poke around the galleries.  Eventually we end up on the waterfront to take a relaxing walk.  I think it is the perfect location in which to celebrate Dave.


Friday, November 21st is the big night.  Start looking for your orange attire.  It is a must!    As we get closer, I will provide more details.  In the meantime, if you want to see what it’s all about.

Can’t wait to celebrate Dave and his amazing life with all of the people that know and love him!!



PS A huge thanks to Kathie for suggesting it as a venue.  It’s perfect!!

23 thoughts on “So Excited…

  1. I am thrilled for you that you are making progress on this. Checking things off the list – especially a perfect spot like this – must feel great! 🙂

  2. Have marked my calendar!! This sounds super and I can’t wait to finally meet you!! Thanks for your nice post and the kind words.

  3. NOVAM used to hold their annual silent auction and party at the Torpedo Factory and it was always a fun place to be with a large group of people. Nice venue choice!

  4. Robyn, I want to apologise for my lack of messages lately, and to let you know that you have been in my thoughts constantly in spite of my silence. It has been end of term here, with Sasha and Monty both leaving their schools and things have been ridiculously hectic (in a good way)! I’ve been catching up on your blog, and not surprised to find that it isn’t any easier for you. I try to imagine how I would feel in your place and I know that a month would be a mere speck in time for me. Sending love to you all. xxx

    • thanks, nicola. i hope that sasha and monty are doing well and looking forward to their new schools! i forget that your school calendar is quite different from ours.

      it manages to feel like a very long time and no time at all at the same time.


  5. Robyn,
    I am glad you were able to find a venue that works and has meaning for your family since you would all come to Old town together. If i can do anything to help since i am in closer proximity to the venue, please let me know. We just returned from vacation so I am catching up on your posts. I continue to pray for all of you.

  6. Oh Robyn, this venue is so wonderful for many reasons!! And I love the idea of circling that date on the calendar in orange. What an honoring celebration it will be…!

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