I Don’t Believe in Signs…..

But some things are impossible to ignore.  Today the kids and I were escaping the house for a few hours.  I pulled up behind this car at an intersection.  Initially it caught my eye because it is the same make and model as Dave’s car but in orange.  (He really wanted orange, but it was not one of the color options for the hybrid.)  Then I noticed the license plate.  It felt like a little nudge or a wink.  I don’t know.  Something. It made me pause and wonder if somehow, somewhere he was sending me a little message.




11 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe in Signs…..

  1. oh, i just love this. how cool. it really is the little things. kudos to you for keeping your eyes and your heart open to things like that. thinking of your family!

  2. Mrs Tremaine
    That ‘rockin robin’ was unbelievable . And I do believe in signs . Tonite we were going to go to the mtg at Hayfield even though Diana didn’t want to : we are not ready to think about anyone but Mr. T. In the principal’s job. As I was deciding whether to go, I looked out on the deck and saw a little Carolina wren that was staying & staying – just would not leave. It seemed to be looking in at the window. After the longest time a pair of golden finches came & displaced him . It made me wonder ..
    Diana and I did finally go- I wanted to make sure that the admin is not looking to try & replace Mr.Tremaine- because they never can. Several others agreed. Lots of tears.
    We will never forget him.

  3. There is actually a term out there in a book called Divine Alignment by SQuire Rushnell (the Q is suppose to be capitalized go figure). The author calls them godwinks. He has documented quite a few of them. I find them very comforting. I have experienced a few of these myself. A friend I knew called them godincidents. Anything that can give comfort even for a moment is worth its weight in gold.
    We have never met but I have a son that graduated from Hayfield in 2012 and another son that will graduate in 2016. They both had nothing but the best to say about your husband. I couldn’t agree more.
    Thank you for blogging.

    Joy McManus
    Sons :Ryan and Kyle

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