We have definitely been feeling the love and support around here.  Today Bonnie dropped these off.

Image 2

When I put out on Facebook that I would be happy to help people get “Tremaine Strong” magnets and bracelets, the response was strong.  50 magnets and 52 bracelets (plus an additional 50 bracelets picked up by the swim team) requested in less than 48 hours.

Also, a couple of my neighbors put together a fundraiser which resulted in an unbelievable amount of money being raised for our family.  I appreciate so much everyone wanting to help us.  The support and love that we have been shown reminds us how very loved Dave was and how many lives he impacted.   I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the people we are lucky enough to have in our lives.

Image 1

***I also need to add (I can’t believe that I forgot) that we have also received many many kind cards to the house.  These cards so often also contained lovely gift cards for meals or money for us to use “in any way that is helpful”.  We have been given so much and I have been remiss in not thanking everyone individually.  Thank you all so much.  



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