The Children

This is not an atypical conversation in our house.  Just so you know what I am dealing with.  : )

Me: (to Parker) WHAT are you watching?!

Parker:  This is the BEST show.  Kids set up their moms on blind dates.  It is so good.

Me: Oh.  Uh.  Okay.

Sam: If you ever get a boyfriend, I am going to kill him.

Me:  Uh.  Okay.  Not really something I am thinking about right now.

Sam:  I am not kidding.  I will kill him.  I don’t want a new dad.

Grant:  I would be okay with you Skyping with a man.  But that is it.

I wish my older kids weren’t so afraid to share their super sarcastic opinions.  They definitely keep me entertained.  Poor sweet Parker.  I often wonder what we are exposing her to…..




5 thoughts on “The Children

  1. Hey, I want to know what show it was — the one about the kids setting their moms up on blind dates…I might be interested…hee-hee…

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