Uncle Matt Cleaned the Fish Tank

Our fish tank was starting the resemble the tank in Finding Nemo when the inhabitants are planning their escape.  I didn’t really know what to do with it, so in typical me fashion, I just ignored it.  My brother is here visiting and made it part of his “things to do” list to clean the tank for me.  It looks much better, and I swear the fish seem happier.

I literally couldn’t have made it through the days before and after Dave died without Matt’s help.  He went to the airport that Thursday and waited for a flight that would bring him to Virginia.  Once here he hit the ground running.  He ran errands for me when my list included things like “dog food you can only get at one particular store, trash can, coffee…”  He sat with Dave so that I could take a shower and have a few minutes to myself.  He stayed at the house to care for the dogs when I was at the hospital and the kids had gone to my parents.  I imagine that must have been a very difficult night to be all alone.  He dealt with the medical supply company and got them to come and pick up their items much sooner than they wanted.  The day after Dave died, he came over with cleaning supplies in hand and helped me get the house looking more normal before the kids returned home.  

Matt and Dave got along well.  They texted and emailed when apart and enjoyed catching up in person.  When we were tidying up, I found Dave’s cell phone sitting next to his chair.  Matt had sent him a text to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  That Sunday morning when Dave was so out of it and had several scary moments, he somehow managed to type Matt a message back.  He forgot to press send or maybe ran out of energy, but I was able to share his message with my brother.  

To illustrate how willing Matt was to help with anything we needed, while I was at the hospital I texted him and told him that he needed to feed the snake because I had forgotten.  Matt has a severe phobia of snakes so I just sent him that message to mess with him.  After quite a long delay, he texted me back and asked how to feed her.  

I will forever be grateful to him.



Image 2


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