Day 3 – Laughter

It’s Monday. We all know what that means. Another week has gone by. 8 weeks – that sounds like such a very long time.

I was looking through some old photo albums and was struck by how many pictures show me laughing. Dave and I were far from perfect. When you put a bull and a mule together, they are definitely going to butt heads. But even in the most challenging of times, the man could make me laugh. I miss the inside jokes, the teasing, the general silliness that permeated our lives. I am grateful for all of the laughs over all of the years.

When the kids and I reminisce, the stories almost always involve humor. I am grateful that through our three kids, Dave’s joie de vivre lives on.


Image 5

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Laughter

  1. Love the picture. We have a very similar one from our wedding! Our anniversary is just a few weeks after yours. I’ll be thinking of you and Dave. Laughter is a wonderful gift. Enjoy your trip.

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