Day 4 – Not Waiting

Image 6

This picture has nothing to do with anything. I am just enjoying looking through our old photos and sharing some of them.


Dave and I dated for about a minute before he asked me to marry him. Actually, it might have been more like a month. (I may or may not have been dating two Daves at the same time <insert sheepish grin here>. ) We didn’t wait long after our I Dos to begin our family. Since Dave was 5 years older than me, his biological clock was ticking. Now, in retrospect, I am very thankful that we didn’t wait.

Dave got to be the proud dad as he watched Samantha graduate from high school and complete her first successful year of college. He had time to instill in Grant many of the qualities that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. With Parker, during her ten years, he made memories that she will always hold in her heart.

I have said to people that he even died in a “typical Dave” way. He was always decisive and efficient with his choices. I guess in that sense I am not surprised that he went so quickly. Once he knew he was going to die, he got on with it. He didn’t wait. I believe that he spared all of us the awfulness that a long, lingering death would have meant. So, although I hate how speedily things went in the end, I appreciate it too.

I think it is a good life lesson for me, the procrastinator, to carry forward. Don’t wait. Get on with it.


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