Day 8 – 2 Months

Well, I made it through my first major milestone without him. It was sad, but I did it. I shared funny memories with the kids – How hungover he was that entire day before the wedding.  How he loved to tell the story of going to get traveler’s checks in his rather pukey state. How I met Jeff, the little brother he admired and adored, for the first time at the alter during the rehearsal. How it rained the day of our wedding, but we didn’t care. How my dress got stuck in the door as I entered the church so I was laughing as I walked down the aisle.  How our students attended, and how they collectively gasped when we kissed.  How much FUN it was. 

What I realize is that I’d rather be a little melancholy in my memories than to never have lived it at all.

Today marks two months since we were together. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time.



3 thoughts on “Day 8 – 2 Months

  1. What a Great way to spend the day… Sharing those beautiful stories/memories with the amazing children you and Dave created out of that union and your love. Happy anniversary Robyn. Much love to you…

  2. Robyn – You. Are. AMAZING! Thinking of you a lot this week. Thanks for sharing your memories, they put a smile on my face.
    …One day at a time…

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