6 thoughts on “Day 9 – 5 Things About the Beach

  1. So who had the near dramatic moment with their phone this time? Glad you had fun.

    Thompson’s dog infirmary is running smoothly but might be out of ways soon to keep thirsty dogs away from sources without feeling horribly guilty( each night ), and hungry dogs( thanks to prednisone) from suddenly leaping up to peruse the counters for anything that isn’t in any shape, manner or labeled dog food!. All in all, we all have survived well and keep reminding ourselves that just because said canine is infirm, has short legs and resembles his nicknames( the log or my version the “Tootsie roll”) doesn’t mean he cannot reach things 4 ft high or more to make our lives more interesting!

    Is that a lip towel I see in the photo? Why does that surprise me?

  2. Whoops no that is a boogey board . Just hope person using it remembers to keep their tongue behind their teeth while on it and not as board depicts , just saying! Have fun, be safe and we will see you tomorrow! Xoxo. M and D

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