Day 10 – Procrastination

Two out of three payroll/retirement related checks that were sent to us have been returned.  It seems that after issuing the checks, the different departments realized that we were not, in fact, entitled to those funds.  So, they sent us letters requesting the money be repaid.  I am glad that I procrastinated and did not deposit these checks.  I am thankful that I did not think that we had an extra almost $9K.  If I had deposited them and used the funds then I would have had to still come up with the money immediately.  Instead, I was able to just return the checks that were issued.  Both issues have been/are being resolved, and I know it will all work out in the end.  Sometimes it is okay to procrastinate!





PS Sam and I spent quite a bit of time today talking about Dave, in particular the last time she saw him.  Yet, it still took me until about 8:00PM this evening to realize that it was Monday and that another week had gone by.  I consider this some sort of progress.

3 thoughts on “Day 10 – Procrastination

  1. Glad procrastination worked in your favor on this one! Praying for Sam as she heads off to her Sophomore year. Dave and I had many talks about Sam’s success at school. He was so proud of all of her accomplishments.

  2. What a crappy thing to do to a family. I have known you for three decades my friend, but constantly see you in new ways with this blog. A very graceful reaction. I might have been frothing at the mouth by the time I was done ranting.

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