Day 11 – DMV and My Dad

Yep, you read that right, folks.  I am grateful to the DMV.  In particular the Westfields location.  I needed to transfer titles on a few of the cars and get new license plates, and the lady who helped me was so pleasant and efficient.  In fact, she was even kind and reassuring when I continued to fill out the wrong lines or not fill out the correct ones.  All in all, not a bad experience at all.

I am also grateful for my dad who is running around getting the same cars inspected.  It is the task that I dread each summer.  Luckily for me, I have a dad who is willing to take care of it for me.  He is also taking Sam to Costco to load up on necessities for school.  I am so very appreciative.



PS Although I could have done without the “Virginia is for Lovers” at the bottom of the new plates….


3 thoughts on “Day 11 – DMV and My Dad

  1. I thought I posted a comment, but it’s not here.

    My past DMV experiences have been stereotypically awful, but maybe they are on a new “improve our image initiative.” I had a good experience at the Fair Oaks DMV last week. I took (my) Dave in to get a state issued ID –something we need for him to qualify for some things due to his disabilities. So, I actually had to take him with me and he really was not at his best, it was pretty bad. I got some looks from staff and other patrons (hate those looks), but once they knew why we were there the people who served us were very nice. It really makes a huge difference in your day when you are expecting the worst someone makes the whole thing go smoothly.

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