Day 12 – You.


I have mentioned many times over how very lucky we are to have the incredible support of family, friends and even an online community of people we haven’t met in person.  The support has come to us in the form of emails, texts, calls, lunch dates, dinner dates.  We have been dining out on the generosity of your gift cards for months now and, in fact, still are.  You have sent us money to use for whatever we might need during this time.  It has been humbling.  We are so very grateful.

With all this in mind, I do not take asking for monetary donations lightly.  Dave’s family (his parents, sister and brother and their families) and the kids and I have created a site in response to friends and family asking “Can I make a donation somewhere in honor of Dave?”  (Technically, all credit to creating the page goes to Kris!)  We hope to raise money in order to contribute to two places that both honor Dave and were so near to his heart.

We would like to establish a scholarship at Hayfield for a graduating senior.  This is something that I hope the kids and I will be able to continue on a yearly basis.  Because this would mean that at least one time a year, the graduating seniors would get to hear about this incredibly tall, spirited man who was proud to be a hawk and found the good in all of his students.

We would like to make a one time donation to Hayfield, to the drama department in particular.  Dave loved to attend ALL events but how many school principals actually take part in their school’s plays?  He LOVED it.  He loved the energy of the students and the thrill of being able to act, if even for a few moments.

Finally, we would like to be able to make a donation to a foundation that will bear his name.  Dave grew up playing tennis for Bob Pass.  Over the years, their coach/player relationship became a long lasting friendship.  Dave coached for Bob after his tennis playing days were over.  In recent years, they worked together to create a foundation that supports youth tennis.  Bob has decided (with our enthusiastic approval) to rename his foundation to include Dave’s name.

Please check out our page and make a donation if you are so inclined.  Any amount is greatly appreciated as we work towards our goals.  Thank you so much.



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