Day 13 – You 2.0



Whose mom thought sending the volcano into school in a shopping bag

featuring a half naked man was a good idea?!  Oops!

I checked in on our fundraising page this morning and was excited to see that we are off to a great start. I appreciate more than words can express people clicking, reading and donating if possible. Each dollar helps us move towards our goals. I wish I could think of something clever like the ice bucket challenge, but I’m not that smart or creative. I will tell you that every dollar you donate will go directly back to helping out kids. And each dollar helps Dave’s great work and spirit live on.

I hope that this former student of Dave’s doesn’t mind me quoting the comment he left on the page.

“I was in Mr. Tremaine’s ’97-’98 7th grade science class at Luther Jackson M.S. Such an energetic and positive human being. I will always have fond memories of practicing my golf swing in class. When my kids and grandkids ask me who my favorite teacher was, the answer will be easy.”

This is truly priceless. Thank you, Adam, for your incredibly generous donation and for sharing your memories of Dave. Your words made me grin from ear to ear and also maybe fight back a tear or two as well.


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