Day 14 – Stats Fantasy Football and My Birthday

Dave was a total fantasy football nerd.  He LOVED it.  Everything about it – spending hours reading up on players, talking crap with the boys, watching hours of games each weekend.  He was in his league for over 20 years, I think.  Some of the names and faces changed, but many of them are the same.  

Some years ago, someone (likely Dave) came up with the idea to hold a “live” draft.  I think it is just an excuse to get everyone together from all over the country, drink beer, and talk football without any pesky wives or families around.  They have been to Chicago, Vegas, Savannah, the lake house in SC.  One year for whatever reason (I am sure it seemed important at the time), I told Dave that I didn’t want him to go.  After he spent 5-6 hours on speaker phone drafting his team, I confessed to the error of my thinking and declared that he could go wherever and whenever the draft was held from that point on.

Draft talk began in late winter/early spring this year.  The destination is Chicago.  The only weekend that worked for most was this one.  Since the draft weekend tends to fall on or around my birthday, I did give Dave a little ribbing about it.  (I consider myself to be pretty low maintenance when it comes to birthdays.   No big demands, no fancy gifts or trips.  Maybe Dave would have said otherwise, but I don’t think so.)  Anyway, he decided that he wouldn’t fly out until Saturday so that we could spend my birthday together.  I think we both realized that this could be one of the last ones we would spend together not knowing he wouldn’t even live that long.  

So, as far as birthday wishes, I wish he could have made his trip to Chicago, and I wish we could have had a nice dinner out tonight together.  But since neither of those things is possible, I hope that people will continue to contribute to his fund and spread the word to others.  $5, $10, $20 all amounts are appreciated and will let him continue to live on through our young people.  Thank you for helping to make it happen.  It really does mean everything in the world to me.



6 thoughts on “Day 14 – Stats Fantasy Football and My Birthday

      • I don’t have yours either, other than your school one and I remember you said it had been shut down. I didn’t know if it was back up yet. You can get mine from Liz if you ever need it. Glad you liked the scarf. Think of it as a big Hayfield hug when you wear it!

  1. I’m sure it’s strange to receive birthday wishes from strangers but I’m thinking of you today. I’m continuing to check in on your blog to see how you and your kids are coping. My heart still breaks for all of you. Sounds like dave was such a special person.

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