Day 15 – Sam


Sam is one tough kid. She lives in chronic pain. Pain that we cannot begin to imagine. At 19 years old, she often struggles when standing up from a chair. Her hip locks up or just shifts slightly out of place so she has to limp a bit to get it returned as best she can. The doctors we have seen (3 so far) do not have a single solution for her. It became disheartening to hear the “live with it” spiel one more time. To be told that “once you start using a walker, we can consider a hip replacement” was devastating. I wish we could find a doctor who was willing to think outside the box and not be satisfied with the standard response. Would they be okay with that solution if she was their daughter? I doubt it.

In spite of this, she goes to the gym every day, volunteers, works, does exceptionally well at university, and has a busy social life. Although it never goes away and she doesn’t know a pain free moment, she makes the best of her situation. I couldn’t be more proud or in awe of her. I miss her when she is away because we sit and talk about all manner of things, or go shop, or just watch silly TV shows together. I cherish the relationship that we have.

So you can imagine that it broke my heart when she said to me a few weeks ago, “Maybe I am sad/grouchy a lot because I am always hurting.” If I could take it away, I would. I am researching more doctors but don’t want to get her hopes up because that would just be another disappointment.

She has dealt with her dad’s death with such grace and maturity. I know that she is sad and misses him every day. I know she gets angry at the crappy hand that she has been dealt. But mostly she just perseveres, laughs a lot, and trudges forward one step at a time. I am thankful for her every single day.



13 thoughts on “Day 15 – Sam

  1. Good morning Robyn, I felt compelled to leave a reply after reading this post. Have her doctors ever looked into Legg-Calve-Perthes disease? I’m a friend to someone who struggled for answers to solve her daughters leg and hip pain and eventually she was diagnosed with this disease. Hope you’re doing well. S-

  2. Robyn I am so sorry for Sam’s chronic pain. My son too has medical issues that seem to baffle the doctors. I pray they can find answers for both Sam and my son…Lisa 🙏

  3. That really sucks. I know that naturopathy and functional medicine get a bad rap, but I suffered with a slew of symptoms for years until I went to a naturopath who was able to diagnose my hypothyroidism. I got the “Just learn to deal with it” message a lot and cried in more than one doctor’s office because I was told that I was making my symptoms up.

    Just a thought. I hope you can find help for her.

  4. I LOVE Samantha!! She is an amazing young woman! I am so grateful that she and Stephen are such good friends!
    It is my hope that the doctors find some answers for you soon. I wish that I could make her suffering disappear! Hugs 😉

  5. Robin, you don’t really know me. I am at Hayfield and part of the FACS department. I lived in constant pain from the time I was in 8th grade until just recently. I found a fantastic surgeon, he is part of the Anderson Clinic and his name is Dr. Nigel Azer. I would suggest that you get in touch with him and see what he has to say. Good luck.

  6. I would suggest the Anderson Clinic as well. I know people who have had great success there after years of doctors telling them they couldn’t find anything….or to live with the pain.
    I am a Hayfield graduate (1977) and now a Hayfield parent (8th grader). Good luck you Sam. Hope you can find a doctor to help.

  7. This picture of Dave and Sam is simply stunning! She sounds like a total trooper, and I can see why you are so proud of her. I hope she has a great year at school. I will also be thinking of you and your younger ones as you all head back to school this week.

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