Day 17 – Looking Up

Yesterday did not start off awesome. In fact, I was feeling a little sorry for myself. After Sam’s upset, it was hard to sleep. Then at 4AM, Winnie decided that he needed to go out. While I was standing on the sidewalk waiting for him to do his business (contact-less and blind as a bat) SOMETHING flitted by me. Something big and buzzy and loud. It scared the living daylights out of me – I do not like anything with wings except for airplanes. Of course, Winnie wasn’t as eager to go inside so was taking his sweet sweet time. I resorted to going back into the house and luring him in with dog biscuits. Since I didn’t have work I went back to bed for a few hours. Later I returned downstairs to the sight of multiple piles of dog vomit. I guess the biscuits didn’t sit too well with him.

My mood was less than sunny, but I tried to stay focused on the positives. And here’s the thing; sometimes you don’t have to do that on your own. As I pondered the additional stains to my carpet I decided that I had to buy one of those vacuums that scrubs and steams and cleans. I checked my email to discover that Bed, Bath and Beyond had just sent me a 20% off coupon. Score!

A little while later I checked the mail to discover not one but three amazing gifts. In the first envelope was a card from the parents of one of Dave’s APs at Hayfield, Alfonso. Not only was the note so heartfelt, they had also sent along a check to donate to Dave’s fund. In the second envelope was a card from my friend, Lori, along with some gift cards to Chipotle that her neighbor had dropped off. Finally, in the third larger envelope was this bracelet.

Image 3

A friend of my mom’s, Jayne, who has become a friend of mine and a great support sent it to me. It is a great reminder to prioritize the important things and let the other things go.

I checked in on Sam, and she was doing much better. She and I researched counselors, and she was going to call a few and make an appointment. She also went to her professor’s office hours to get some clarification on a few points that were on her homework. All in all, a good turnaround.

I took the kids out to lunch and to buy the vacuum. When we returned there was a package in the door containing these tee shirts.

Image 2

Turns out the stats boys renamed the league in Dave’s honor. Who knew that tacky orange tees could choke me up? I thought that was a pretty darn cool thing to do.

Our last event of the day was going to Parker’s Open House. Her 5th grade teacher is going to be fabulous. And she got a ringing endorsement from the principal, Parker’s 4th grade teacher, and the Tremaine family’s absolute favorite teacher of all time. As a side note, when Dave met the Absolute Favorite Teacher of All Time, he said to me “she reminds me of a younger you.” He was always a charmer that one!

Before bed I checked on the fundraising site and was thrilled to see that we were over the $11,000 mark. Success! I was humbled when I saw that many people donating had already given to the fund that was set up for me and the kids in June. The generosity of others has time and again blown me away. To quote one of my favorite movies, “My cup runneth over.”

So today I am grateful for my life and all the goodness in it.


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