Day 20 – Herndon Elementary School


On the first official day back to work, a colleague sought me out during our yearly bus tour. She wanted to give me a hug and some words of encouragement. She told me that I had the support of everyone at HES, and she wanted to be sure that I knew that. This person has gone through unimaginable tragedy so these words coming from her were very powerful and meant the world to me.

The first couple of weeks back to work have been much harder than I anticipated, but I have definitely felt the support and caring of everyone. They have excused my random tears, memory lapses or just my general being “off”. I feel very lucky to work with people who care so passionately about kids and their jobs but also for one another.

I wanted to say a special BIG, HUGE thanks to some amazing women who have also supported us through Dave’s fund and also the fund set up for me and the kids. Some of these women I have worked with for several years, some I have only recently started working with, and some I have taught their kids. 

Ann Godden, Joy Stets, Susan Miller, Karen Kranyak, Evelyn Breitback, Shermin Sirajudin, Marci Britt, Pam Galyean, Susie Doak, Caitlin Sansonese, Cheryl McGovern, Meredith Mani, Aimee Eliason, Kelly Horne and Mona Samaha

Thank you so very much. I appreciate you all so much. Our HES family is truly special.




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