It’s Monday Again

Over the weekend I posted this picture on Facebook with a caption that said something like “some days are better than others.  today was a good day.”


The picture got quite a few “likes” and some very kind comments.  It really brought home for me the idea that people want us to be okay.  You are all rooting for us to have good days.  And we do.  Sometimes a good day means we did something extra fun or special.  In the case of Saturday, Parker and I went for pedicures and later that evening I went to see a very entertaining play with my friend, Alex.  I loved spending time with both these special people.  But that isn’t really what made it a good day.

The reason that I considered it a good day is because I felt really connected to Dave all day.  I always get my toes painted a shade of dark blue.  I am not sure why, but it is always my color preference.  Saturday I decided to get them painted orange as a good transition from summer to fall and also as a nod to my man.  It is a little thing but just something for me.  

Later while watching the play, I realized that one of the actors was from a show that Dave and I watched together called The Wire.  I was quietly flipping out because I knew that Dave would absolutely love that connection.  We were addicted to the show and this man played one of Dave’s favorite characters.  Of course, my initial response was “Oh my gosh, Dave is going to freak out when I tell him.”  And he definitely would have.

When I got home, I was reminiscing about Dave and decided to go and look for his wedding band.  He had to have it resized years ago when he broke his finger.  Over time his finger returned to its normal size, and the band was loose.  One day he was wrestling with Grant in the tv room, and it flew off of his finger.  We moved the bookshelves and looked all around but couldn’t find it.  I was telling my friend, Anne, this story a few weeks ago and she suggested that I look on top of the bookshelves.  Sure enough that is where it was.  Dave always wore his wedding band.  When he lost this one, he even got a replacement, but it wasn’t the same.  This one has been worn so long that the engraving I had done all those years ago is nearly worn away.  We searched high and low when he lost it, and I swear we checked the tops of the bookshelves but I guess Saturday was when I was supposed to find it.  

It has been 12 weeks, but it was really comforting to feel like he was still here with me on Saturday.  It was a good day.




5 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again

  1. Hi Mrs. Tremaine ,
    Several friends of Diana asked me to post this ( I kind of wrote it after talking to so many of them this summer) & so I am . I thought about Mr T’s Facebook page but since we aren’t on Facebook ..
    Last Thursday night I was thinking of your husband & how I haven’t had any desire to go to school at all. I apologize in advance as my thoughts may make you sad . Written as a student :

    The First Friday

    Let’s face it. He’s not here: not here to hi-five us, not here to reassure the one of us who didn’t’ make varsity soccer , not here to belt out the fight dong like no one else could. Not here to be our orange rock .
    He’s not here-& yet he’s everywhere. Every niche & every corner of our hearts, every hallway, every goofy smile that he engendered . If you didn’t feel appreciated you knew he was in your corner; all you had to do was ask. Cause that’s how big his shadow was: 2200 Hayfield strong, Tremaine strong. So just for today- don’t try to cheer us up. Hayfield won’t be the same without you, just know that. We love you & we miss you- forever.

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