Ashes to Ashes

Yesterday I picked up Winnie’s ashes.  When we went to the vet that final time, Dr. L asked us what we wanted to do with him “after”.  He asked if we would want his ashes returned to us, and my instinct was to say no.  Grant had a different idea.  He did want Winnie’s ashes returned and to scatter them when we scatter Dave’s.  It is actually what Dave wanted too.  On one of our walks, after we learned of Winnie’s awful prognosis, Dave half jokingly said, “If he goes when I go, sneak him in the box with me for cremation.” Now this could have been Dave trying to save a few bucks ($400 or so actually), but I think that he meant it.  He wanted his dog to keep him company for eternity.  Done, big guy.

After we picked up the ashes and tucked them safely with Dave’s, I really thought about the fact that we all end up like that one way or another.  People often say “Life is too short for _____” but then quickly revert back to whatever filled in that blank spot.  But it really is.  Dave’s 49 years or Winnie’s 2 1/2 years were not nearly long enough.  Every day we need to remind ourselves that life actually IS too short.  It is too short for constant complaining, intolerance of others, misery at work or in personal relationships.  Yes, there are certain things in life that we have to do.  But there are also lots and lots of choices to be made every day.  I need to make myself a sign and hang it on the mirror so that on days when I am feeling a bit out of sorts (like many days last week) I remember that  “Life is too short.  Make the choice to enjoy it!”




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