I don’t think that I have gone this long without writing a little something.  I’ve been working.  And I’ve gone to work related meetings on my days off.  I’ve also gone to non-work related meetings on my days off.  The exterior home improvements are almost done but you know how it goes – there is always some little thing that has to be fixed or improved upon which involves telling the contractor the job wasn’t done quite as it should be.  Good times.  I have sat by the pool 4 nights a week waiting for swim practice to end.  I have taken kids to music, helped with homework.  Cooked.  A little.  Cleaned.  Not at all.  I have finally figured out what to do with the generous donations to Dave’s fund in the way of scholarships.  (This is not as straightforward as you might think.)  I have created the electronic invite for Dave’s party.  And I have looked through lots and lots of pictures in order to send the best ones to my extremely talented brother in law who is creating a slide show for the big event.  I firmed up details with the caterer and the lighting guy, and I signed Grant up for his behind the wheel class (hallelujah).

I wrote down this laundry list of things for the sole purpose of reminding myself, should I ever forget, that I am a frigging rock star.  Being the only parent sucks.  But I am killing it.



7 thoughts on “Swamped

  1. There was never a doubt in my mind you have always had super star written on the marquee above your head . rock on – hang on – rock on

  2. Rock star, super star x10! Just as my friend and college roommate, Nancy, is good at reminding you, remember to put yourself at the top of that list of things needed to be taken care of PLEASE! Love, Mom

  3. Way to go Robyn! Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking of you and the children, especially as it is homecoming today. I always looked forward to seeing Dave in the parade and what he would be wearing. Lots of orange and happy memories of Mr. T on this day.

  4. Robyn, Dave and I often talked about rock stars…..without a doubt you are at the top of any rock star list! Rock star mom, rock star teacher, rock star planner… an over all keeping it all together rocker. I think about you often and hope that you’re taking care of yourself on that laundry list of things that you do for others!

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