Today should have been Dave’s 50th birthday.  We should have been celebrating this milestone birthday with friends and family.  Back in April, I had convinced him to let me throw him a party.

For his 40th, we had his party at the house.  The basement was like a mosh pit.  I really had no idea my basement could hold that many people.  All the levels of our house could not contain the number of people who are ready to celebrate his almost 50 years though.


I shared this picture on Facebook this morning.  It is bittersweet for me.  He is so healthy and happy and so it is again so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that he is gone.  This was on one of our many family trips to Disney World.  He had been taking a chinese language class and was eager to try out his new skills.  The kids and I were doubled over laughing when he inadvertently told a young worker from Beijing that he loved her.  That was Dave though – never afraid to try something new even if he ended up a little bit red in the face afterwards.  One of the many things I admired about him and learned from him.

Happy Birthday, Babe.  I love you and miss you.



6 thoughts on “50

  1. Thanks for sharing that funny story about Mr. Tremaine. My daughters and I still think of him and how he brought such fun and pride to Hayfield Secondary. The incoming classes will never know such a great principal and that is sad, but for the students that were fortunate enough to be his “Hayfield kids”, they will always remember and I’m sure, are better people for knowing him. Also thinking of you and your kids…..

  2. Hope you are doing okay Robyn…between Dave’s birthday, the holidays and your illness…… Thinking of you and the kids, praying for all…

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