Poor Grant

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Today, Sammi and I went to our local hair salon (I use the term salon VERY lightly).  Right before we got there, a customer apparently had a stroke and the EMTs arrived just after we did.  At about this same time Grant was on his way to swim practice, saw my car parked in front of the salon and the flashing lights of the ambulance.  He rushed in looking for me.  Given my recent medical emergency and his fear of “death taking more away”, he was anxious to make sure I was okay.  It upsets me that he has experienced enough in his 16 years that he was genuinely alarmed that something might be very wrong.  On the other hand, I do appreciate his protectiveness and that he loves me so.




3 thoughts on “Poor Grant

  1. Glad you were okay and Grant’s worry unfounded. I myself reacted somewhat the same recently since I lost my father, Oct. 2. An ambulance came flying by (several, due to a bad accident down near Hayfield) and I just started crying. Reminded me of the times my father in his last months was taken to the hospital. I meet Grant last year when I sub in his History Class twice after my retirement from South Lakes.

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