Thank You.

I just wanted to say a BIG, HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting Dave’s scholarship fund. We are so very lucky to have you in our lives and to be surrounded by so much love and support.
Sunder Aaron
Ji Ahn
Howard Altman
Adam Anthony
Bruce and Brad Awadlio
Valerie Baker
Megan Baltimore
Greg Barbera
Brian Barker
Debra Barker
Anne and Dave Belardo
Kimberly and John Berry
The Blankenships
Linda Boatright
Scott Brabrand
Evelyn Breitbach
Marci Britt
Anna Brussel
Sharon Bury
Chris, Rebecca and Hannah Carney
Catherine Carr
Joe Ching
Peggy and John Claxton
Betty Cook
Emily Cope
Tara Cranford Teague
Janell and Doug Crum
Pat and LG Crum
Norbert Daleiden
Anneke Davies
Mose and Ashley Denton
Beatrice Dermer
Warren Dern
Susie Doak
David Dobbs
Jess Dove
Elizabeth Dunn
Jayne Dunnum
Robert Durbin
Aimee Eliason
Paul English
Tony Etz
Connor Evans
Fairfax Association of Elementary School Principals
Gioia Caiola Forman
The Frego Family
Carolyn Freitag
Kendra Gaeta
Mimi Gallien
Pam Galyean
Anneke Gibbons
Ann Godden
Sue Goldberg
Sandra Goodwin
Michael and Trish Graves
Amy Guerber
Brett Gurley
Ann Gwynn
Dave and Helen Hadani
Julie Halse
Ben and Maja Harris
Karen Harris
Hayfield Secondary Administrative Team
Lisa Heilbronner
Mike Heller
Herndon ES Teachers and Staff
Mathew Hoffman
Kate and Chris Hood
Kelly Horne
Jennifer and Dan Hudson
Carol and Allen Hughes
Elaine Israel
Candice and Travis Johnson
Tara Jones
Natalie and Matt Kaar
David and Pam Kanstoroom
Jeanne Kelly
Louisa Kenny
Jack and Sara Kirby
Kiszka Family
Michelle Klepper
The Kohles Family
Guenther and Victoria Kolb
Karen Kranyak
Sylvia and Jeff Lamb
Tracie and Steve Lambakis
Kirsten and Dave Landeryou
Jenni Lawhon
Kathleen and John Lee
Raba and Paul Letteri
Stephanie Lewis
Colleen Line
Megan Lister
Corey Lodico
Alex Lopez
Bruce Wirtz MacArthur
Scott MacArthur
Maggie Mack
Deborah and Kevin Magee
Sandy and Gary Malady
Meredith Mani
Stefanie Marik
Jean Martelli
The Matthes Family
Cheryl McGovern
Jacquelin McKeown
Suanne and John McLellan
Taaron Meikle
David and Nanette Miller
Susan Miller
Chris Minegar
Rita and Jeff Monner
Julie Moore

Suzanne Morgan
Sarah Nash
The Negris
Faith Nettnin
Derrick Nguyen
Marcia O’Brien
The O’Brien Family
Marie O’Grady
Jason and Rachel Oh
Anella Oliva
Nancy and Bruce Oliver
Mark Ozer
Bob and Carole Parsons
Joy Patterson
Carl and Mary Plath
Theresa, Mark and Harper Poquis
Merrill Press
John Quast
Louise Quirk
Marc Rainford
G, Blair, and JR RamosCarr
Allison Rankin
Todd Reamon
Emma Riccardi
Mark Root
Caitlin Sansonese
Ruth and Chip Schaller
Bonnie Schipper
Mary Schwarz
Dave and Kathy Sestak
Paul and Robin Sgambati
Courtney Shea
Lindsey Shupe
Shermin Sirajudin
Christine Slingerman
Alfonso and Marie Smith
Brian Snyder
Joy and Anthony Stets
Mitch and Kate Stines
Jill Stryker
Sulekha Subhash
Priya Swaminathan
Kay and GJ Tarazi
Jeri Thomas
Matt, Michelle, Joshua and Alex Thompson
Paul and Pam Thompson
Kathie, Gary, Danielle and Rachel Turner
Deborah Ulbrick
Christy Vieregg
Lori and John Vintilescu
Walter Welham
Jennifer Welsh
Theresa West
Heather Whitman
Dawn Wilsey
Lance Windel
Lynn and Donna Windel
Amy and Greg Wolf
Brandon Wolfe
Hannah Yu
Shanna Zablow
Laura Zabrocki
William Zotti
Thank you all for your generosity. Thank you also to our “anonymous” donors. We know who you are but wanted to respect your wishes to remain unnamed. If there is anyone I omitted from this list, PLEASE let me know. We are so grateful to everyone for giving to Dave’s fund.
If you are still interested in donating, the fund will remain open through the end of the year.



1 thought on “Thank You.

  1. Hi Robyn – I donated online several months ago…did it not go through? It was for $300. I just thought I would ask although I am not sure if the folks on the list are just for the holiday donors or for everyone since the fund was set-up. Thanks, Susan Weiglein

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