Dirty Little Secrets

1. Okay.  The first one is quite literally a dirty secret.  I fired the cleaning ladies last summer.  They were doing a terrible job, and the kids were always griping about having to clean up beforehand.  What I learned is that cleaning ladies doing a sub par job trumps no one cleaning at all.  So, we spent some time decluttering (except for Dave’s stuff which still remains untouched), and over the break we spent some time cleaning.  It is not perfect but at least the bathrooms are no longer cringe inducing.

2. Parker has been sleeping in my room since mid-June.  I think that she just wanted to be near me initially, and I was quite fine with not sleeping alone.  We talk about her “moving out” but it hasn’t happened yet.  In the whole scheme of things, I don’t think this is a big deal.

3.  I don’t cook.  With the exception of the Blue Apron meals and an occasional taco night, we have not been eating home cooked meals.  We have been using gift cards that have been given to us, and we have been rummaging through the pantry and fridge and freezer individually.  We have eaten at Wegman’s.  This is a goal for the new year – to cook more often.

4.  I have done more than my share of retail therapy lately.  To be fair, Dave always encouraged me to get or do nice things for myself, but the workers at Anthropologie are starting to recognize me.  Time to rein in the spending.  We had an amazing trip to Florida.  We had an incredible party for Dave.  Now it’s time to get it together.  (On a side note though, I have struggled with pants that seem to want to migrate low on my hips – like many teenage boys.  I thought it was the cut of the pants or my body shape.  What I learned is that by buying one size smaller, they actually fit.  Who knew?!  Haha!)

I don’t want to make any of these new year’s resolutions.  I mean, who needs that kind of pressure? Just room for some changes in 2015.  Onward and upward.



6 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secrets

  1. Here’s what I learned after turning 50 (several years ago)…life is all about doing what you gotta do. And it’s ok. xoxoxo

  2. Slow cooker/crock pot meals!! Dump it all in before work and it’ll be ready when you get home. I don’t do them nearly often enough considering how easy they are. I like one pot/skillet meals too. It’s got to be easy and fast or I can’t make it with the crazy boys running around. I’ll send you a few links to ones Will and I like. And if you still end up eating at Wegman’s, so be it. I like Wegman’s too! Whole Foods, especially the one in Fairfax, is good too. They have a huge BBQ/pulled meat prepared foods section. (I’m I helping or enabling?)

    Our bathrooms pretty much only get cleaned (and speed cleaned at that) when I know Will’s mom is coming over.

    And I don’t think my Dad has been cooking at home since August either. I haven’t asked anyone to confirm, but I’m pretty sure he bounces around and has dinner with different family members most nights. And I *know* he isn’t doing much cleaning. My brother told me the only time he picks up all his papers and cleans up the house is when he knows my family is coming up for the weekend.

    If your arrangement works for you and Parker, then that’s what matters. I like it when Jack sneaks into bed with me when Will’s only out of town for business.

    You’ll find a new normal eventually. And if retail therapy is involved, I think that’s a-okay, in moderation of course. And if you figure out what moderate retail therapy looks like, please let me know. Will would really appreciate it if I learned. 🙂

    • i will take any recipes you have!! maybe that will inspire me. : )

      the worst was that our house was a disaster and then my mom had to stay here while i was in the hospital!! that motivated me to at least try to get the mess down to a dull roar.

      i should try your dad’s method and just find other houses in which to eat. : ) good plan.

      as far as the retail therapy, today was a success. i returned something to macy’s and then left the mall. i will take my victories where i can get them.

      i appreciate your uber supportive response. you are kind person to make me feel like what i am doing is a-ok. thanks.

  3. I think you are on a good path now. Lots of changes, and some will be good and some not so good, but your message is positive and productive. Way to go!

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