Mom Advice 2015

One night last week, I decided to impart some mom wisdom over dinner.  (I’d love to say it was a home cooked meal, but we’ve already covered that topic.)  Anyway, over a delicious meal prepared for us by The Outback, I focused their attention my way.  Here is what I thought they needed to know.

1.  When you are on your cell phone while you are in a room with other people, it sends an unspoken message of disinterest.  You are more invested in your phone than the people with whom you are sharing a space.  Look up from your phone and focus your attention on others.  This is where memories are made.  Memories are not made in a text message.

2.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  If someone asks you for your opinion, give it.  Give it freely and without worrying about agreement or judgement.  If they want to hear what you think, don’t tailor your response to what you think they want you to say.

They all sort of nodded at me.  One of them asked if there was something they had done to elicit this advice, and I said that I just thought they should know.  And we went back to eating.



2 thoughts on “Mom Advice 2015

  1. Great advise for everyone, I worry that in the future, people will be totally unable to talk rationally with others. I also think spelling skills are deteriating as we speak. Manners are just a matter of treating others with respect and making them as comfortable as possible and we all can do better than that. Thanks, Mom

  2. First, Outback rocks.
    Second, you were all eating together. Kudos.
    Third, the best advice comes in little snippets. Not in some huge, grandiose pronouncement. Just my two cents. Again, kudos.
    Finally, miss you. xoxoxo

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