Looking Ahead

Parker is going to camp this summer.  For a week. Two different people, whom I have never met, reached out and told me about a camp that is offered to children who have a parent who currently has or has had cancer.  The camp is an opportunity for kids aged 6-16 to just be kids.  When I talked to Parker about going, she didn’t even hesitate.  She said she wanted to go.  When I offered up the different locations in VA, she picked the most familiar spot.  The camp is staffed by college students and is offered free of charge.  I am hopeful that this is going to be an amazing experience for her.



Find out more here – http://campkesem.org/wm

12 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. I have no experience with that specific camp but I have experience with others and they were really helpful experiences for the kids that went and even the parent….praying Parker will really have an amazing experience!!

  2. I think you have hit upon a wonderful plan. The great things is that your daughter is excited about it. I pray it all works out.

  3. I hope she loves camp as much as I did… Cried when I had to come home; not because there was anything amiss there but because I had such a wonderful time for 4 weeks each summer with people I looked forward to spending time with and whom I only saw each sumner. It was just a great experience dancing to Fred Astaire, playing badmintonand fencing and swatting huge horseflies when we rode the horses. Didn’t even mind kitchen clean up as there was always someone there to have fun with and know that you wouldn’t be the only one smelling like garbage til we could shower. I even enjoyed the year I could not be in the same group as zeta because we we 14 months apart in age even though the same grade in school.
    I hope she has the best time Ever!!!!

  4. My friend’s daughters go to Camp Kesem every year, and it’s wonderful. I can’t speak for them, but as they’ve gone for 2 or 3 summers and keep going back, I imagine it’s beneficial. My best to Parker! (And to you!)

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