Glimpses of Dave

I have mentioned before that I don’t really believe in signs.  It is the same doubt that I have when someone talks about Dave watching over us.  That is not so say that I don’t feel his presence, but for me this comes from within.  I have experiences that I associate with Dave because they remind me of Dave.  We all find comfort in different ways.

A few weeks ago, the kids and I were driving to my parents’ house.  On the way we saw a large bird of prey.  I always assume these are hawks but truthfully it could have been a falcon.  I can’t really tell them apart.  Naturally this made me think of Dave.  Right afterwards, this song came on the radio.


Dave and I took Samantha and our oldest nephew, Max, to a New York Dolls/Poison/Motley Crue show a few summers ago.  We particularly appreciate this song for the cheesy little sigh that Bret Michaels does right at the beginning.  It felt like a Dave moment, and I texted Sam to share it with her.

More recently I was tidying up the tv room in the basement when a paper drifted down from the top of one of the bookshelves.  It was an old french assignment from one of the kids.  I have no idea why it was up there or for how long.  When I looked up towards the top of the shelf, I noticed Grant’s DS was hiding up there too.  (Due to a recurring issue with missing homework assignments Grant had lost his electronics but had clearly found a way to work around that punishment by playing in the basement and keeping it out of view.)  While I don’t believe that Dave sent that paper soaring to get my attention, I did pause for a minute and consider what his reaction to the situation would be.  While he always had the bigger bark, he was also the bigger softie when it came to the kids.  I could hear him telling me to give Grant a break.  So while I didn’t reinstate all electronics, I did let him pick one.  I also let him know that I was on to him and had found his hidden device!

Parker and Grant have both had some fun opportunities lately – Grant with his swimming and Parker with her school play.   I can picture Dave’s face and the huge beaming smile he would have with this news.  I can hear his voice and the excitement and pride with which he would be praising and congratulating them.  I don’t believe anything made him happier than when the kids were happy.

So, while I don’t believe in signs, I do believe that Dave lives on within each of us.  We see and hear things and attribute them to him because we know exactly what he would say and do in those moments.  It is not the same and it is not enough, but it is what we have.  And I am grateful to at least have that.




3 thoughts on “Glimpses of Dave

  1. Last week was Curriculum Night at Hayfield SS for rising 7th graders. Since my oldest graduated in 2013, I have not spent much time there without Dave being the principal, since my youngest is still in elementary school. The few times I have been there were mostly in honor of Dave. I am a very loyal person and not that supporting a new principal would be disloyal to Dave, but it is hard not to make comparisons. Therefore, I have really avoided conversations about “how things are going” at the school. I share this with you because the whole evening was filled with ‘glimpses of Dave.” First, it was his A-Team filled with excitement and enthusiasm, which set the tone for the evening. Each classroom teacher we visited was encouraging and reassuring.(another glimpse) The best glimpse of Dave came at the end of the evening. Older students had been tasked throughout the event to help answer questions. Standing by the Spirit Shop was a rising 7th grader with a current senior. The senior was explaining the Spirit Shop was dedicated to Dave and began to list all the wonderful things about Dave.. he carried his pet on his shoulder… he always walked around smiling…sang the fight song…wore orange and most importantly he believed everyone had a place here and that is what makes our school great! So here was a student that would never meet Dave in person, but would surely know his legacy. As a Hayfield parent, I was definitely grateful.

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