Car Talk

Grant – Mom, you know __________?

Me – yeah…

Grant – Her dad died two hours ago.

Me – What?  How?  Was he sick?

Grant – I am not really sure, and I didn’t think that I should ask.

Me – I am so sorry to hear that.  That is terrible.

Grant – We (he and a couple of his friends) are going to go out tomorrow morning and get her a DS and Animal Crossing because I found that helpful after dad died.

Me – I’ll give you money for that.

Grant – No.  That’s okay.  I think that it would be more meaningful coming from me.

My heart breaks for Grant’s friend and her family.  But I am amazed at the caring and maturity of my kid.  Though extremely unfortunate, I think that his friend has just the right friend to walk with her through this terrible time.



15 thoughts on “Car Talk

  1. Your children will be a blessing to others going through the death of a parent. You and Dave did a great job raising your children and you are continuing the trend with them.

  2. He is the best as are all three of your children. They have had very good role models to learn from;and you do what you know, so they will in turn pass those loving,caring ways forward to others. Thanks for being such a wonderful Mom and caring human being. Xoxo Mom and Dad

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