Checking In

It’s been radio silence around here lately.  I really haven’t felt much like writing or communicating.  There was –

Valentine’s Day

The 8 month mark

The Westminster Dog Show

Peter Krause

Snow Days with Offices Closed

A handprint on the mirror

The indelible memory of my head resting on his shoulder

Most of these won’t mean much to you.  But they mean a lot to me.  It’s been a challenging  couple of days.

But there was also this…


Parker made us Valentines.  One of the things she wrote on Grant’s was “Thank you for teaching me the greatness of old classic rock.”  This was, of course, an important life lesson passed on to Grant from Dave which he has, in turn, passed on to her.  Oh my heart.



3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. So sorry these have been such hard days….praying you have some moments of relief, but what a beautiful thing Parker did…how proud and full of love your heart must be…Love and prayers, Lisa

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