One of the saddest sights that I have seen, at least recently, is Parker sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing her Blackhawks jersey, watching them get crushed by Nashville.  Silent tears streamed down her face but she didn’t want to turn the game off.  She said she was crying because they were losing but it was so much more, of course.

After the game we talked about what Dave would have said – that it’s early in the series and they would get ’em in game 3.  How excited he would have been.  And that made both of us cry.




2 thoughts on “Hockey

  1. I have been thinking of you guys with the hockey finals on and wondering how Parker was holding up. Lits of love to you all.

  2. As a girl who grew up watching Orioles baseball every summer with my dad, I know how special those moments were for Parker. My heart breaks for her. Now when I watch the games, I still think of my dad and share stories about him with the children. Years from now, Parker will pass the love of Blackhawks hockey on to her own family and share wonderful stories of Dave. Then it will be a happy memory.

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