This Time Last Year

It’s amazing how easily the mind travels back in time. Mine has been doing it for almost a year now. With every passing day though, the frequency seems to increase.

This time last year.

This time last year we were celebrating Samantha’s 19th birthday. We went to a reptile show in the middle of nowhere and came home with another grey banded king snake. We teased Dave about his lady sunglasses.

This time last year the weather was just as beautiful. We took our daily walks and had our talks about what would be and what might be.

This time last year we found out that Dave had three to six months left to live. In my mind that meant minimally until August but surely through the new year. He was gone less than six weeks later.

This time last year.

In an effort to prevent myself from hurtling head first into the abyss of self pity, I am making an effort to look outward. To appreciate others. To celebrate others. To support others.

I am hopeful that it will make this path to June 16th a little less bumpy.




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