Tony and Flash

Dave had this habit of adopting/buying reptiles. Each time, he would utter the following – I got a _________, but don’t worry it’s going to live at school. Eventually all of these school pets would find their way to our house.

Dave rescued Tony Hawk, a cherry headed redfoot tortoise, about ten years ago. We also have Flash, who is another type of redfoot. Dave showed up with her about 13 years ago after a trip to Florida. During the summer, they live outside in our backyard and love the heat and humidity. During the colder months, they live at Hayfield. I feel very lucky that Coach Hill, a biology teacher and wrestling coach extraordinaire, is willing to house them in his classroom.

It has been warm enough outside to bring them home, but to be honest, I have been avoiding going to get them. Being at Hayfield is difficult. I dread going. But like many things, my visit today wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. It is hard to see Dave’s picture in the main office. It is hard to quell the “if only” feelings. But it is always good to see friendly faces, and today I saw some of my favorites (and Dave’s too). I didn’t stay long – I have learned my limitations over this last year. I am hopeful that in time I won’t feel so gutted at the idea of being there.



Image Image 1

4 thoughts on “Tony and Flash

  1. The area by the flag pole turned out so nicely with the benches honoring Dave and the flower beds. Whenever I see students sitting there it makes me smile. Is that Tony or Flash in the other picture?

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