To Celebrate and to Honor

My oldest nephew graduated from high school yesterday.  We celebrated his big accomplishment (and the Blackhawks victory) with Dave’s family.  It was a pretty typical family gathering lots of loud, enthusiastic conversations and good natured teasing.  It honestly felt pretty normal.  Dave naturally came up in conversation a few times but in a happy memory way.

I also wanted to honor the day by doing something with the kids.  Dave loved getting up on a weekend day and heading out for a little adventure.  Many many times these involved zoos or aquariums.  That is something we definitely had in common.  So, yesterday, we played hooky from school and the kids, Jeff and I went to the aquarium in Baltimore.

There is a beautiful black tip reef there.  It is mesmerizing.  I swear I could stand there all day and admire the rays, sharks and the giant green sea turtle.  There is also a hands on exhibit that allows you touch moon jellies, horseshoe crabs, skates and rays.  So incredibly cool.  Towards the end of our visit, the kids found an area that allowed you to create a message using a given list of words that would be projected up on a large screen for others to read.

Three out of four of these messages were written by my children.  Can you match the message to the kid?


We honored Dave with laughter and together time.  I know he would have given us his signature thumbs up for the day.



PS We are thankful for every message, email, text, flower, and card that we received honoring this first anniversary.  Thank you for so generously sharing your love and support.  I spent some time reading everything this morning and appreciate each one so very much.  The show of love for Dave and for our family has been humbling.  It is a definite reminder that we are not alone.  Thank you. xoxo

9 thoughts on “To Celebrate and to Honor

  1. Mrs. Tremaine,

    I am a cancer survivor and married to a 1980 Hayfield grad and have 2013 and 2015 Hayfield graduates and a 2018 graduate to be. Your husband brought such light and love to the community and his loss was such a tragedy for not only your family but the Hayfield community. His presence was definitely felt in all that the senior class did this year and most especially during graduation. We all wore our bracelets yesterday as a visible reminder. It was so wonderful for us to see you give out those scholarships and your kids did an amazing job. It was nice to see the orange suit rockin’ the halls of Hayfield again. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.

  2. Robyn – It’s up to you to create those HAPPY memories and you did so. Your family honored Dave in a beautiful way also. He’ll always be in your hearts. Hayfield was sooooo lucky to have him as their principal!!!!! Congratulations to the scholarship winners!!!!

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