Father’s Day 2015

This is actually our first Father’s Day without Dave.  Since it is a roaming holiday, last year it was on June 15th.  I thought Dave was going to die on Father’s Day which seemed especially cruel, but he lived into another day.

We have been marking the occasion in typical fashion.  Whenever we see or hear an ad that starts off with “Give Dad his favorite _________ this Father’s Day.”  We respond with “Well, we could try.” or “I guess we could leave those ______ by his ashes and see what happens.”  We are all kinds of hilarious that way.

As I look through hundreds of pictures over the years, I realize that in many of them, I only captured Dave’s back or shoulder or side.  But I am struck by how present he was in our lives.  He couldn’t necessarily attend every single event the kids were a part of but he sure went to a great majority.  When he was there, he was focused on his family.  I am thankful for the countless memories the kids will have for the rest of their lives of doing things with their dad.


I would like to honor my dad on this day too.  I was lucky enough to be raised by the kindest, gentlest, most understanding and loving man.  My dad has been there for me in too many ways to count.  He loves spending time with his grandchildren (and his grand pets).  He is willing to jump in the car at any time night or day to do whatever needs to be done.  He is willing to offer advice or just listen.  He personifies what it means to love your family.  I am grateful beyond measure.




2 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2015

  1. Robyn I have known your dad far longer than your mother has as that is how she met him He lived across the hall from Bill when Bill was first in Germany and wandered in one day while Bill was writing to your mother and the rest is history. and you are right he is the most kind and generous person I know. He is amazingly patient after all he has lived with my sister for over 50 years I lived with her for about 16 years so I kn ow it’s not that easy but then I am a different sort of person than your mother However as we have aged we are more and mire alike. But he would do absolutely anything for his family. I am blessed to be among that group I have seen him with your children and your pets ((Yes even I have had to deal with the lizard that lived in the living room and have been privileged to hold him thank you very much) but he is amazing and you were a very lucky girl that they raised you

    Love Aunt Carolyn

  2. Robyn, I’m so glad I just checked your blog (hoping you had maybe recently posted something!). You are, indeed, blessed by a father who loves you the way you want and need to be loved. And the photos/memories of Dave hold countless treasures for you and your children. Thank you, again, for showing me how to enjoy the moments God gives us.

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