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On a picture perfect sunny day, I took the kids to a nearby water park. They quickly scattered to try out the newly installed slides. I hunkered down with a book basking in the warmth that August delivers. A family arrived and settled into some nearby seats. My attention was diverted from my extremely interesting read due to the conversation going on between the parents. The husband seemed to have a burning desire to correct every little thing his wife said. His need to be right dominated their exchange. The wife could not say the tiniest thing about sunscreen or the park or pretty much anything without his response of a sigh and then setting her straight.

I wanted to say to him –

You don’t know me and this is truly none of my business, but do you love her? Do you plan on raising your children with her? Spending the rest of your life with her? Because she must feel beaten down on a pretty regular basis. Let some things go. You don’t always have to be right. Even if you know you are right inside your head. Keep it there. Inside your head. Your wife is beautiful. Your children are lovely and happy. Your wife seems like a smart woman with lots of ideas and thoughts. Instead of a sigh and a scowl, how about a smile and a “Sure!”? I know this wouldn’t kill you. And I think it would probably make her pretty happy.

There could come a day when you would give anything to see her smile and hear her ideas. Right or not. Silly or not. I don’t think that at any point you will wish you had more time to correct her, talk down to her, or scowl at her. You might regret the time you wasted doing these things when you could have been laughing, making memories and talking. Really talking.

I can all but guarantee that what you WILL long for is the day to day goodness between you.  What you WILL regret is anything less. Trust me on this one.



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