Oh boy. Part II

I read Lisa’s comment on my last post and was struck by the idea that she interpreted it that Parker was talking about me when she mentioned “a parent who has overcome it”. Then I read Lora’s comment and realized that maybe they were on to something. I took Parker’s comment to mean that Dave was not able to overcome cancer and go into remission or cure mode. At some point during the car ride, we did talk about remission and that even that brings its own challenges.

But Lisa and Lora’s comments did give me pause to think. Parker hasn’t had a parent overcome it. I started to wonder what that might look like or if that ever really happens. We all talk about Dave. We certainly laugh about lots of different memories. Sometimes we talk about the tough times and sometimes there are tears. Is there a point where you move on from that? I worry that overcoming might look like forgetting.

Cancer beat us. It took Dave away. Cancer won that battle. That I accept, I guess. Though in its wake, although we have been left a bit shellshocked and weathered, we have also emerged stronger than ever. I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was a year ago or two years ago. I would hate to think that we went through all of this to come out on the other side having learned nothing.

I am not sure how any of us; patient, family, or even survivor can truly overcome cancer. It is a powerful beast. But thank you, my friends, for showing me another point of view. You have definitely given me a lot to think about. I’ll let you know if I figure anything out.



3 thoughts on “Oh boy. Part II

  1. Well I see how I really screwed this one up…I now see with Oh Boy II where you (Parker) were coming from…. I completely misinterpreted the statement… I hope I did not cause you even more pain due to my lack of understanding Robyn…I still think you are doing one hell of a job getting through this and I too think your kids sound like they are just amazing with all they have had to endure. Again, I sincerely apologize for any upset I caused…Take care

    • Not at all! I honestly had not even thought of it the way that you had. And I appreciate that perspective. It was a powerful reminder about the message that I am sending my kids and has given me much to think about in how that might look in the future. I really appreciated reading this other point of view. Truly and sincerely. I am always amazed when I don’t see something that is right in front of my face and always want to learn and grow.

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