Camp Kesem William and Mary

Nancy, one of Dave’s absolute favorite people (and mine too), emailed me today to ask about donating to Camp Kesem.  It was truly such an incredible experience for Parker.  Here is the description from their website –

“Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, supporting children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. We strive to give kids the opportunity to just be kids, and have a lot of fun. Camp Kesem operates many different chapters at colleges coast to coast. Each camp is funded, planned, and run entirely by student volunteers.”

The cost to support one camper for a week of camp and throughout the year at the reunion activities is about $1000. This summer they were able to grow from hosting 30 campers to 55. I am sure the goal is to be able to accept all families that apply.

If you are interested in donating you can go to –

On this page you have the option to donate online or by check through the mail. Make sure that you click on the “please click here” link as this gets the money to Camp Kesem William and Mary, if that is the one you are interested in supporting. They also accept donations of t-shirts, art supplies etc. You would want to contact them directly at to inquire about this.

I can’t say enough about how joyful these kids were at the family potluck yesterday. This camp truly makes life changing differences for the campers, the counselors and the families.



3 thoughts on “Camp Kesem William and Mary

  1. So glad Parker had this opportunity to meet up with other kids that have had to grow up so fast. Even though she has you and her family to talk to I’m guessing it felt good to talk things over with other kids. The lost of Dave was very hard on your family but Parker is so young and she must have a million thoughts on all this. This camp gave her the space in which to talk things over with someone other then family. She is one sweet young lady!!!

  2. …loving William and Mary even more after reading this post! Thank for including information on how to donate to this fantastic program. A positive life-changing experience – it doesn’t get better than that! May God bless all the people involved in Camp Kesem. I also love how you and Parker had such a special ride home and how she shared camp details with you. Moments to cherish for a long, long time….

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