Goodbye, Sweet Friend

We took a blow today.  Our sweet old dog, Cupcake, went to the big meadow in the sky.  This wasn’t a surprise – when we had him at the vet in May they didn’t expect him to live much longer as he was in heart failure.  But with the miracle of diuretics and bronchiodialators, we got to spend the summer with him.  He was a people dog up until the end.  When the vet and tech came into the house his tail started wagging.  He just loved his ear rubs and pats and all the attention he could get.

So, while not unexpected, it was devastating nonetheless.  Last night his breathing got labored and he stopped eating and drinking.  I am grateful that our caring vets could come to the house and save him the added stress of a car ride and being in the office.  It is pretty quiet around here.  This is the first time since before Dave and I got married that we don’t have a dog.  The kids are handling it as well as they can, but they are pretty crushed.

I think we’ve had enough loss for a while.




11 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Friend

  1. He was a good boy. Molly was not very nice to him but she most likely secretly liked him. Rest in peace good dog. Ann

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  2. Godspeed cupcake… Over the rainbow bridge–sweet pup
    Not sure if you saw Robyn, but Dr Doran passed away
    Our first principal at LJ
    Wonderful man

  3. So sorry to hear about Cupcake. You had so any funny stories about your sweet cupcake. That was so sweet of the vet to come to your house. You’re In my thoughts tonight friend.

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