Toilets, Flirting, and other Life Lessons

This morning I decided to make a hot breakfast. (Hello, oven bacon. Why didn’t we meet sooner?!) As I was stirring the eggs, I thought of how much Dave loved to make breakfast. He liked to grill and cook in general but breakfast was definitely his thing. Then my mind meandered to the beginning of the school year. I think about him all the time but especially so as we get ready to launch another year. There are so many things that we talked about when it came to work. I think that he would have been enthusiastic about my second year as a resource teacher. He would have urged me on to whatever the next step might be. He was the ultimate cheerleader.

I was also thinking about the passing of another principal recently – one whom Dave worked for and admired greatly. In reading about him in the paper, I couldn’t help but think about how much his style of leadership reminded me of Dave. Perhaps those years that Dave worked for him rubbed off in a way that I didn’t realize until a few weeks ago.

Then I started thinking about Grant and how he graduates this year. How incredible it is that it is already time again to welcome another kid into the post high school years. Dave and Grant had a really unique and special relationship, very different than his with either of the girls. He would be so proud of the man that Grant is becoming. I know I am.

Time marches on and there are new challenges to be faced and milestones to be reached. I have learned a lot about myself in the last years. I would have always said that I was a strong and capable person. I still believe that this is true. Historically speaking, I have never been all that great at making decisions, but I have definitely learned that I can plan trips with a few clicks of the mouse and that traveling with the kids is something easy and fun that I can do to create new memories and strengthen bonds. We already have two more adventures in the works for this fall and winter.

I have also realized that there are some areas for growth.

By way of example, right before we left for Williamsburg to pick Parker up for camp, I noticed that the toilet in the master bathroom was running. I lifted off the tank cover and jiggled a few things trying to determine why the water wasn’t shutting off. In my efforts, something broke off into my hand which in turn caused a geyser from the tank. Who knew water could travel so fast and furious into the air?! Clearly, I will not be hiring out my services as a plumber any time soon. I tend to think that I can handle things myself. I am still learning when I need to ask for help.

At a recent hotel stay, a man got into the elevator with me, and I think he was flirting. If memory serves, the conversation had some familiar characteristics. Then again he could have been drunk or crazy too. I am not really sure. This is obviously an area that has long been ignored. I’m not anxious to figure it out any time soon. However, note to self, if I do decide to become more social, I am going to have to brush up on my people reading skills. Seriously.

School starts next week. Grant’s last year of high school. Parker’s last year of elementary school. Sam’s junior year of college. I am looking forward to seeing what adventures this year brings.  We are ready.  I think.



4 thoughts on “Toilets, Flirting, and other Life Lessons

  1. You are ROBYN STRONG!!!!! and don’t you forget it my friend. You have faced your daily challenges HEAD ON!! (well, except for the toilet ha ha) I also thought of Dave when I read that about that principal passing and how much he meant to the students. Who knows may be one of these students will one day become a great principal because of Dave and others like him. The world certainly needs a few good people like YOU so please don’t under sale your self!!

  2. Hi Robyn, I think about you and Dave often and when I heard the news of Dr. Doran’s death (on the radio while sitting in traffic….) I lost it. I had to pull over to get myself together. I couldn’t stop thinking about the similarities of Dave and Dr. Doran; I have so many fond memories of working with both of them many years ago at LJ….. Keep up the great work of creating the fond family memories with the kids! If it’s any comfort, I share your plumbing skills :). I hope that you all have a great school year and that we can get together soon!

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