This is the note that I sent to the Camp Kesem counselors the evening Parker got home.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all that you did this past week. Parker/Peanut Louie had an absolutely amazing time. We talked the better part of our three hour drive home, and she shared so many amazing stories. My husband and I spent the three years of his illness wondering/worrying about the impact it was having on our kids. This eventually turned into wondering/worrying about how they would deal with his death. Dave was an amazing dad and did everything he could to prepare the kids to deal with what was to come while letting them know that they would be okay. I have spent the last year doing my best to ensure that this is true. You all provided so many opportunities and avenues for Parker to express herself and share her story and even grieve in such a loving and supportive environment while at the same time being joyful and having fun while making new friends. This is truly a gift for which I am so truly grateful. Thank you.

She is already looking forward to next year.

Robyn Tremaine
W&M Class of ’91 : )

PS A special thank you to Squirt, Nala, and M&M. You ladies are amazing.

Camp Kesem William and Mary just released their camp video which captures the spirit of this remarkable place.



4 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Sorry to reply again Robyn…..Just watched the video…….Absolutely incredible….Hope all who watch will make a donation if they are able to do so……..

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