I am lucky to work for a school system that offers a lot of classes and workshops free of charge to enable teachers to continually learn and improve their craft.  This fall I am taking three classes that are challenging and, at times, mentally tiring but are amongst the best classes that I have taken with the county.  (Well, two of them are.  The third one is useful but the class is not exactly exciting!)  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to work with a teacher from another school and some of her students.  It was fun to be in a different building that has a similar make up to mine and see what great things were going on there.

We had a break between our school time and the class reconvening at another location so we grabbed a bite to eat.  The conversation inevitably turned from math talk to personal chit chat.  When I mentioned that I had a twenty year old, she was surprised and said that I didn’t look old enough.  (Confession – I ALWAYS appreciate when people say this.)  I mentioned that I started having my kids pretty young, at least by today’s norms.  I told her that starting a family right away was Dave’s idea.  And I let her know that Dave had passed away last year and that I felt fortunate that we did start our family when we did.  That he got to see our oldest graduate from high school and go off to college.  And that all the kids are old enough that they will always remember him.  She said that although it is sad, that it is a happy story too.

Later when I was thinking back on the conversation, I was reflecting on what a shift that was in my thinking – considering myself lucky first and foremost instead of just mourning our loss.  Progress, my friends.



8 thoughts on “Lucky

  1. Progress for sure! The part about looking too young to have a 20 year old reminded me of something funny. When we took Kyle to orientation his freshman year at W & M, I was feeling pretty good that Mike and I looked like the “younger” parents. Just like you and Dave, we had Kyle when we were young compared to today’s couples. Then we laughed because the realization set in that when we take Olivia to college, we will look like the old parents! Oh well, it was good while it lasted…

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