Though She Be But Little

Last night, Parker was lying in my bed surrounded by a herd of stuffed animals. We were talking about a little cow that Samantha picked out for her when she was a baby and laughing about a giant rattle that five year old Grant had picked out.  After a quiet minute, she asked me “Is this my first birthday?”  I was a pretty tired and didn’t understand what she was asking.  As I was about to explain that her brother and sister actually picked out the gifts for her before she was born, she said

“Without dad.”

I guess that speaks to how numb we all were last year.  She didn’t remember her birthday last year and, in fact, didn’t realize that she was ten when he died.  Not really the night before your birthday conversation you would expect to have with your kid.

Today we are off to Williamsburg.  Parker’s summer is camp is having a camp reunion.  Most of the campers live locally which is likely why it is on a Thursday night.  She is excited to see the friends she made this summer and spend some time with them.  I am happy for a mother-daughter get away with the bonus of Samantha joining us for a few hours too.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, strong, smart, incredible Parker.

And though she be but little, she is fierce. 




7 thoughts on “Though She Be But Little

  1. Parker is everything one could possibly hope for in a grandchild and so much more. She is a huge blessing in our lives and we hope she has a wonderful day today to celebrate her 12 years and her memories if it will bring her great joy! Love from Grammy and PopPop

  2. What a beautiful picture. Safe travels to you both. Happy Birthday, Parker. Your dad was always so proud of you and your spirit.
    Nancy Oliver

  3. I hope Parker had a wonderful 12th birthday celebration in Williamsburg! Every time I have spoken with her she always strikes me as the perfect combination of you and Dave bundled up into one. Thank you for sharing the sweet photo.

  4. Hope your sweet, strong, smart and incredible Parker had a wonderful birthday in Williamsburg with you, her sister and her friends! I didn’t realize that our youngest children both have their birthdays on October 29th…that’s a fun fact! And that photo makes me smile and tear up all at the same time.

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