The Next Chapter

On Friday, I went to a meeting for math resource teachers in the county.  It started off as many meetings do with an ice breaker.  This particular task was to write down the titles of the chapters of your life and then mingle and share with others.  I was struck by the different approaches people took – one person had chapters that were about the different places he had worked, and for another, each chapter had to do with the life cycle of a flower.  It never occurred to me to make my job even one chapter let alone the whole book, and I certainly wasn’t creative enough during that few minutes to come up with an analogy.  Instead this is what I jotted down…

  • Growing Up as an Army Brat
  • I Married the only Male Teacher in the School
  • The Roller Coaster
  • Moving Forward

I am sure that people would be lining up at Barnes and Noble to read this book!  Anyway, that final chapter has had me thinking.  What is the next chapter in my life?  For so many years, decades really, my story has been so closely tied to Dave’s.  Now I find myself in foreign territory – making decisions for myself by myself.

Samantha is doing really well at school.  She had a outstanding start to her junior year and is back at school ready to knock it out of the park once again.  Grant is finishing up his last year of high school, and last night we celebrated senior night for the swim team.  It is hard to believe that he is also getting ready to launch.  It could very well be that in seven months or so that it will only be me and Parker.

I can’t say that I have any big plans.  Yet.  I want to do some work around the house that is desperately overdue.  I hope to take the kids to Europe this summer before they scatter to the winds.  I am exploring the idea of getting another endorsement or degree.  It seems to be the time of year where various cohorts are starting or classes are being offered.  In the past, my reaction when asked about getting a leadership degree has always been, “Heck no.  Who needs that headache?”  Lately I have begun to wonder if this is a path I should be considering.  Then again, I am in my mid-40s.  Do I really want to shake things up at this point?

For today I am considering it a success that I cleaned the guinea pig cage and took down the Christmas decorations.  I’ve got a long way to go to get from point A to whatever point is waiting for me down the road.  One day at a time.





3 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. Love the start of your new chapter…it only has to start with a few words or thoughts. My word for this year is LEAP, the beginning of my new chapter. Love you all…xoxoxo

  2. The new year seems like the perfect time to think about changes and new challenges for the future. I have no doubt Robyn that you will find just the right path. Baby steps.

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