Sometimes They Find Us


Well, we survived the blizzard of 2016.  Depending on who did the measuring, snow totals were between 28-30 inches here in Reston.  I watched my back deck steadily fill up with fluffy, white snow which first engulfed flower pots and then the table and chairs.  I am extraordinarily grateful that we never lost power.  We spent most of Sunday digging out but didn’t leave the house until today.  Freedom tasted very sweet having felt somewhat cut off from the world for 4 days.

Last Thursday, I got an email from a friend of Dave’s whom Dave met through his brother.  He was checking in to make sure that I was ready for the impending storm.  I was touched that when he heard about the storm, he thought of us and checked in.  I appreciated the kindness.  And the communication.  We stayed in touch over the weekend and dove into all manner of topics which were interesting and thought provoking.

Today I got an unexpected email from someone I only know through this space.  She was letting me know that she and her family were also going to be awarding scholarships this year in memory of her husband.  I love that she is going to be helping others and honoring her husband at the same time.  I was humbled that she felt encouraged by some words that I shared.

I’ve talked a lot about people “being there” for us before, during and after Dave’s death.  Lately I’ve been thinking about the idea that sometimes the people we need find us.  Both of these kind souls lifted my spirits and gave me something to think about outside of myself.  Much needed unintentional intervention.



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