Can You Imagine…

At least once a week one of us says, “Can you imagine how much Dad would have loved…”  We will be mid-experience and have the bittersweet moment of realizing what he is missing and how much he would have enjoyed it.  How excited he would have been about-

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Grant keeping it old school and blasting his new Van Halen record on his new record player
  • Parker and Grant dominating all the roller coasters and thrill rides at Disney and Universal – actually the whole Christmas trip
  • Hayfield swimming against South Lakes for the first time.  He would have been wearing orange from head to toe but cheering loudest for Grant.
  • The 28″ of snow that landed on our house and kept us out of school for 11 days.
  • Grant’s Christopher Lloyd sighting at the Reston Town Center Back to the Future Film Festival
  • Most recently Sam landing a paid internship with an evolutionary biologist for the summer.

Nothing made him happier than seeing his family happy and successful especially when those experiences also intersected with his passions and interests.  He would have been over the moon to live these moments with us.  I think we all enjoy them a little extra knowing how he would have been grinning from ear to ear and fist pumping and thumbs upping.  There is no one like him.




10 thoughts on “Can You Imagine…

  1. Robyn,
    Having had the pleasure of enjoying Dave’s commentaries on family life at the Tremaine’s, I think you’ve nailed it! I had such a feeling of pride myself for what I read your offsprings are experiencing and accomplishing as they forge their way. I know the mother you are has much to do with it, and the foundation you and Dave built together is still their anchor and their center so it is no surprise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Love, Nancy O

  2. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Fist Pumps from us FOR DAD/DAVE for the all exciting Happenings lately in all your lives! Know there many more in the works as well. Good Job!!! Well Done!!! with a ton of ATTA BOY/GIRLS thrown in. xoxoxo MOM and DAD

  3. I’m sure Dave is smiling from up above at all you have done and will do in the future!!! He’ll always be there in your hearts. Way to go Sam on your internship!!! You have a GREAT family Robyn.

  4. I understand the feeling. When my husband Joe died of cancer in Feb 2013 we had only been married for 18 months , I had only been in the USA for 20 months, I had no job, no credit (everything was in Joe’s name so as credit goes I pretty much did not exsist). I too look back now three years later and wish I could show Joe “how far I have come”. I now have a full time job that I love, bought my first house and now have stellar credit in my name,I just know he would be so proud.

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