Our family has always been a little nutty over dogs.  We’ve been known to slow down as we drive by someone out walking their pup so we can get a better look.  There must be a genetic component because Dave and I shared a passion for animals and so do all three kids.  Within months of Dave dying, we had to say goodbye to our Winnie who died from mast cell disease at just over two years old.  Less than a year later we said goodbye to “the old guy” Cupcake. This was pretty much soul crushing and had me wondering and questioning how much more the kids and I could bear.  Insult to injury times two, you know?


In my heart, I knew that we would get another dog.  I told the kids we would aim for the spring when Sam was home from school and that would give us all summer to train and bond with a new dog.  But a week or so ago, just for the heck of it, I checked in on the BROOD (Basset Rescue of the Old Dominion) website.  There were Gunner and Rufus, a bonded pair of bassets, needing a home.  Tomorrow they will become part of our family.  And I have a feeling these rescued dogs will rescue us right back.





16 thoughts on “Rescued

  1. I am in love with Gunner and Ruffus new family and have not met them. But my heart tells me these two wonderful boys have just hit the adoption bonanza and BROOD rescue is lucky you found them! Godspeed you two lucky hounds 🐶🐶😍

  2. I love these guys! We are partial to Bassetts too, our Penny is 1/2 Bassett and also from our local rescue group. These are 2 luck dogs to be going home with you!

  3. LUCKY DOGS…I think it’s what is called the epitome of a WIN-WIN. Good luck in the “get acquainted” days ahead. We love our baby girl who was also a rescue dog, and I know how much she enhances our life.

  4. OMG Robyn Those dogs have hit the LOTTERY big time. Can’t wait to read all the cute stories. Happy Valentine’s Day Congratulations!!!

  5. From one animal lover to another, so glad you have opened your home and hearts to Ruffus and Gunner. What cuties! Hoping they bring you all much joy and love just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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