The Boys

We picked up Gunner and Rufus Saturday night in Morgantown, WV.  It was a somewhat stressful drive through the mountains with the frigid temps, gusting winds, and blowing snow.  I kept thinking that it would not be a good place to have car trouble!  The boys’ personalities definitely came out during the three hour drive home.  Gunner slept happily in the back seat leaning against Parker.  Rufus alternated between sitting on Grant’s lap in the front seat and trying to help me drive.  At one point I was wearing him like a seatbelt with his head on my shoulder and his body draped across mine.  Somehow he managed to honk the horn and turn on the hazard lights.

They have settled in really nicely, and I feel very lucky to have found them.  I think we needed them almost as much as they needed us.  I haven’t had to leave them to go to work yet, but they have been behaving themselves so far.  We’ve had a trip to PetSmart where they were more than happy to stop for pats and admiration from adoring fans.  Sunday night, Mom and Dad came over for dinner and Rufus made himself comfortable in Dad’s lap and promptly fell asleep.  We’ve had many walks around the neighborhood where they have met some of the local residents.  Rufus likes to say hello and voices his displeasure if someone ignores him and walks ahead without a greeting.

So far so good.  The only big quirk so far is that Gunner is afraid of the steps.  He is okay going up them, but he refuses to come back down.  So my upper body workout is to carry him!  Needless to say I’ve ordered a gate for the stairs.  As you will see in these pictures they have made themselves comfortable on the couches and beds although they spend an equal amount of time in their doggy beds too.  I made the “no dogs on the furniture rule” when we got Winnie but unfortunately my children couldn’t seem to abide by it.  This time I didn’t bother to try.  (Note to visitors – maybe don’t wear dark/black pants.)

We are having a great time.  They have already brought so much love and joy into our home.  I am so thankful to BROOD and the volunteers who helped bring us together – especially to Candace their foster.  She also drove over three hours to meet up with us and obviously loves them and took such great care of them.  Another volunteer, Cimba, sent along framed pictures and a photo album to celebrate our adoption day.  Amazing.  Right dogs, right situation.

Dave, I feel you smiling at me.




4 thoughts on “The Boys

  1. My heart is smiling with pride and happiness for these two boys. They have scored the adoption bonanza! The stars all aligned and made this possible…I for one believe we also need to THANK Dave…I feel he had a part in seeing what everyone needed 🙂
    And you are welcome for the photos… It was all my pleasure!
    Love and hugs to the boys and THEIR FURever family 🙂
    ps…I LOVE your blog and being able to keep up with the boys 🙂
    Sincerely, Cimba (Lee Goucher @FB)

  2. Olivia has been checking each day looking for new pictures of the doggies. They look like perfect addition to the Tremaine household. Enjoy!

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